ISAAQ®, collaboration of CIV and KIKU® Ltd

It was an apple that started the understanding of gravity. Now ISAAQ® is an apple, that combines the R&D of CIV with the know how of KIKU in a scientific formula. And the new equation states in honour to Isaac Newton : CIV + KIKU = ISAAQ®.

Mauro Grossi, president of CIV stated: “ISAAQ® has a big potential as it shows a marvellous eating quality, is crunchy and juicy. It has also an attractive appereance, due to its vivid red overcolour and shows good storage properties. And last not least: it is a scab resistant variety”.ISAAQ® has been selected as brand for the CIV 323 cultivar and is already registered in several countries in the world. Furthermore President Grossi explained the background of the collaboration with the Braun brothers of KIKU. “ KIKU has shown interest in ISAAQ® since a long time, and now we agreed to test and launch ISAAQ® globally. From CIV’s point the decision was quite fast, as the Braun brothers are well known in the industry for the introduction of the premium brand KIKU®. Generally the Brauns are known for their professional way of introducing new strains and varieties on a global market. Well, the obvious presence of know how in the evaluation and launch of new varieties on a global level led us at CIV to the decision to trust the Brauns for ISAAQ®. We are convinced by the young, dynamic and specialized team at KIKU.”

From Left: Massimiliano Cristofori (Salvi Vivai), Jürgen Braun (KIKU), Francesco Tagliani (Tagliani Vivai), Michelangelo Leis (Mazzoni Vivai), Mauro Grossi (President CIV), Alessio Martinelli (CIV), Thomas Braun (KIKU)

In reply Jürgen Braun, CEO of KIKU® from Girlan, Italy stated: “CIV is one of the leading apple breeders in the world, especially for resistant varieties. For KIKU® it is an honour to associate ourselves with significant companies like CIV. Already in the past there was a good collaboration with individual nurseries of CIV, as Salvi, Mazzoni and Tagliani have a propagation license for our Fuji strain KIKU® Fubrax. Since some time we got access to the novelties of CIV’s breeding program. Now it’s our task to continue CIV’s great development work by spreading ISAAQ® around the world, continue the evaluation phase and formulate a global strategy. Our joint aim is to maximise the value of ISAAQ® for the complete supply chain, starting right from the producer.

Fruitlogistica Berlin 2016, 3-5 Febbruary 2016,  Hall 4.2 B-09
INTERPOMA 2016, Fiera di Bolzano/Italy, 24-26 november 2016

Contacts: Jürgen Braun, KIKU Ltd – -

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